Captain’s Comments

A hearty welcome to a new season at Melrose Golf Club. I’m sure we are all looking forward to this new year with the usual wide eyed optimism.

I would like thank last year’s Captain David Gribbin for his confidence in me, and the Committee in general for all their support.

There are now two Captain’s Charity Bunkers being introduced this season (Greenside bunker on left of 1st hole and first greenside bunker to right of 6th hole). They will hopefully raise some money for a good cause and will do the Club’s standing in the local community no harm at all.

If any members have any problems or issues over the season, then please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be more than happy to help in any way I can. As your Captain, I promise to do everything I can to make this season a fine and enjoyable one for everyone in the club.

William Wallace
Captain 2017

2016 Annual General Meeting

Minutes of our AGM held on 12th December 2016 can be read below, minutes of the meeting and reports read on the night can be found by clicking on the detailed attachment to download pdf files for each report.

Melrose Golf Club
Annual General Meeting 2016.
Held in the Clubhouse on 12 December 2016.
Chairman : Captain David Gribbin.

1 – AGM Minutes 2016   PDF (431kb)
2 – Captains Report 2016  PDF (5MB)
3 – Approved Accounts 2016  PDF (4MB)
4 – Membership Report 2016   PDF (331kb)

Scottish Central Database of Handicaps

Scottish Golf logoMembers please be aware all handicaps have now been listed with new Scottish Central Database of Handicaps (‘CDH’) system.
If you have previously regestered your details with CDH your login page can be found here:

As a member of the club this now allows you access to your exact and playing handicap and for the first time your full Player Handicap Record online, giving round by round details of all your qualifying scores in chronological order.

Following your golf club registering you as a ‘home’ member, you have automatically been allocated a Unique CDH ID Number within the club’s handicapping software, identifying you individually on the CDH. This Unique CDH ID number will also ensure that all your away scores in Qualifying Competitions are automatically transferred back to your home golf club, helping keep your handicap up-to-date at all times. If you have a current handicap at Melrose Golf Club and wish confirmation of your CDH ID number please contact our handicap secretary on

Your ID number may be needed in the future for use on Open Competition entry forms or you may be asked to perhaps provide this number to competition organising committees to verify your handicap online if obtaining a late entry into a competition.

Please advise all other golf clubs of which you are a member of your ‘home’ club CDH ID Number so that this can be registered within their handicapping software and facilitate the automatic return of your ‘away’ scores back to your ‘home’ golf club.

To access your CDH information, all you are required to do is register on the CDH at:

Simply enter your Unique CDH ID Number and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process.

You will then have unlimited, free access to all your handicap and Player Handicap Record information as it changes during the playing season – keeping you informed of your official CONGU® Handicap at all times – keeping track of your progress, as each season unfolds.

Should you have any further questions or comments regarding your membership of Melrose Golf Club, please feel free to complete our enquiry form on our contact page and we will respond as quickly as we can.

100+ Club

We are currently looking for new members of the golf clubs 100+ club which is now administered by our Captain for 2017, William Wallace.
The 100+ club helps raise additional funds for club improvements and due to a recent expansion we currently have additional numbers available.
Annual costs to join the 100+ club is currently £12 payable June each year.
Prizes are drawn monthly and winners over the past couple of years can be seen below.

If you would like to join please drop us an e-mail to and we will arrange for William to get in touch to confirm your entry. Any members with outstanding dues for this years 100+ club please arrange payment to William at the earliest opportunity.

2015 Winners

January – £25 Gary Lackie (37) / £10 Keith Grieve (32)
February – £25 I Hewat (36) / £10 John Thompson (78)
March – £25 Mark Gilie (29) / £10 Carol Dalgleish (60)
April – £25 N R Brown (64) / £10 Jim Drover (52)
May – £100 Keith Grieve (32) / £50 Ina Frater (24)
June – £25 E Brydon (43) / £10 Janice Whiteford (44)
July – £25 Jill Murray (97) / £10 Keith Grieve (32)
August – £25 Mrs Iris Jones (48) / £10 Janet Shirra-Gibb (22)
September – £25 Alan Duncan (10) / £10 Mark Gillie (29)
October – £25 Liz Owen (39) / £10 Keith Haldane (61)
November – £100 Alan Duncan (10) / £50 Meg Robbie (47)
December – £25 Linda Hedley (80) / £10 John Thompson (78)

2016 Winners

January – £25 Eddie Brydon (43) / £10 Jim Swan (83)
February – £25 Derek Inglis (13) / £10 Linda Ritchie (107)
March – £25 Annette Holton (20) / £10 Ian McDonald (18)
April – £25 Jim Drover (52) / £10 Annette Holton (20)
May – £25 Sheila Hogg (59) / £10 Ian Dalgleish (49)
June – £25 Jill Murray (97) / £10 James Swan (83)
July – £100 James Swan (83) / £50 Alan King (77)
August – £25 Danny Chisholm (-) / £10 Brenda Robertson (-)
September – £25 Janet Brown (40) / £10 Alan King (77)
October – £25 Linda Wallace (53) / £10 Linda Gillie (80)
November – £100 Ian Swan (105) / £50 Eric Johnstone (25)
December – £25 Donald A McDonald (68) / £10 Shiela Hogg (59)


Mobile Website for Melrose Golf Club

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